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Step 1. Do you think so?

Russia, our holy country! 
Russia, our beloved country! 
A mighty will, a great glory, 
Are your inheritance for all time!

Надеюсь, вы уже догадались, что это строки из Гимна  России.
Как величественно и гордо  называет  нашу Родину С. Михалков:  
священная - holy,
 Могучая воля, великая слава - а mighty will, a great glory,
 Братских народов союз вековой - eternal union of fraternal peoples, 
Одна ты на свете! Одна ты такая! - You are unique in the world, inimitable.
Мы гордимся тобой! - We are proud of you! 
Хочется задать вопрос, а все ли мы знаем о  России? Давайте посмотрим на   эту проблему глазами иностранцев. Предлагаю выполнить следующее задание

What to do?
Try to answer the question!
Many foreigners would suggest for Russia something like:
 What do you think? Is it really what Russia is? 
How to do?
Вы должны:  
  • написать ответ на английском языке в виде комментария(объем 5-10 предложений), 
  • разместить его в данном сообщении.  Не забудьте оставить подпись.

Need help?
Если вы затрудняетесь в ответе, то начните его с выражения согласия или несогласия (agreement or disagreement)
Agreeing to something
Agreement -  I totally accept that.
                           I fully/completely agree.
Partial agreement - I’d accept that, but … .
                                    That might be right, but … .
Disagreement - I’m afraid I can’t accept that.
        I don’t accept that

 Советую ознакомиться с материалом по ссылкам:
Возможно они вам помогут. Используйте  их при составлении ответа, но не копируйте текст.Работа должна быть самостоятельной. Если возникает сложность при переводе, можете применить переводчики Google и PROMT.

Критерии оценки первого этапа:
1. Создание аккаунта Google и внесение аккаунта в совместный документ «Участники проекта» - 2 балла
3. Размещение комментария в блоге. - 2 балла
4. Заполнение графы Итоги 1 этапа по инструкции в совместном документе "Таблица достижений" - 2 балла
Максимальное количество - 6 баллов
Оценка "5" ставится за набранные 6 баллов
"4" - 5 баллов,
"3" - 4 балла

Сроки выполнения заданий с 1 марта по 6 марта.

Good Luck!

12 комментариев:

  1. I fully agree with this statement, many of these words appeared old Russia.They expess the Russian way of life, for example, balalayka matryoshka, valenki, banya. There are no eguivalents in English. These are symbols of our country and each Russian man is proud of them.
    I think tourists at first come to Russia getting to know more about our culture, traditions and customs. So that they aim at getting Russian souveniers, visiting ballet and banya.
    Burakov Sergey

  2. I'm afraid I do't accept that. Russia is famous for many other things. Russia is very rich with picturesgue landscapes, its great territory, natural minerals. No other country can not compare with it. It is a mighty power.Our country was never enslaved.
    So I am proud of it.
    Pankeev Alexsander

  3. That might be right? most of foreigners connect Russia with these words. But t is not a whole list, what our country is famous for. Most of them we don't use now, but they are very valuable.They have an effect of a russian heart. Unfortunately, not all traditions and customes are kept nowadays. And this question makes us fall in thinking of spirit values of russian people.
    Poloznikov Evgeny

  4. Many foreigners would Russia with the words: balalaika, matryoshka,banya, a samovar, ballet.
             I consider that  it features our country because all these words are  Russian and do  not translated into other language. Also, when tourists from other countries come to our  country, as a rulethey necessarily  buy souvenirs more frequent that all it  are: matreshka, and a balalaika.  But on the other hand it seems to me  connekting  Russia only with these object is impossible. Since in our country there are countless other stories and the beauty of things.

  5. Yes I agree. As symbols of Russia and Russian diverse, matryoshka, balalaika and samovar embody the culture of Russia. Foreigners also view Russia as a country littered with snow, full of bears, where the drunk Russian play the balalaika. The bear is really a symbol of our country, it is a symbol of strength and courage. Bear has become a favorite cartoon character kids. In fairy tales, he is kind, fair. At the Olympics in our country bear is a talisman.

  6. I fully agree. Foreigners interpret our country as an exotic one.Because Russia is like a fairy tail for them - enigmatic, secretire. We have an other way jf life. Our culture is absolutely different from foreign countries. so that many foreigners are very interested in Russian history, culture, traditions and customs. I think, they envy at us a little.

  7. I don’t quite agree with this opinion. Foreigners seem to put a negative sense into these concepts. For example, banya is something strange for them, where people beat each other birch twigs and wear silly hats. They also think, that Russia is a wild, closed, buried with snow country, where bears roam about the streets, and the Russian people are the same wild and reserved. I consider that Russia is the strongest power country with the most enormous territory with its rich culture and traditions, and the Russian people is the most good-natured, hard-working and patient one.

  8. I agree with the opinion of foreigners, matryoshka is really of the most popular souvenirs for foreign tourists. They are sure that Russia can not exist without matryoshka, balalaika and bear. Such opinion has been already folded for long years. Every foreign quest is likely to conside this like a custom arriving to Russia to byu souventirs which will remind him of this journey. Foreigners also can visit Russian banya, enjoy ballet and have a drink of tea samovar and see many beautiful sights of our country. In this way they can feel themselves a little Russian.

  9. I agree with opinion of foreigners,that because a matryoshka is the most famous sumbol of Russia and the most popylar Ryssian souvenir all around the World.
    The first mention of the term "balalaika" was in a Russian document from 1688 - balalaika was used by Russian peasants, skomorohki, or wandering minstrels.
    Samovar has traditionally been the most recognized symbol of Russian hospitality and family comfort as well as a sign of prosperity. For more than 250 years, the samovar has occupied an honored place in Russian homes as the centerpiece of the table, around which life revolved. Classical ballet came into Russia in the 18th century. By the end of the 19th century the national school of ballet had finally formed.
    Ballet is оne of the most important cultural symbols of Russia.
    These meanings are real Russian.They introcluce our culfure,which is very rich.

  10. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  11. I do not agree with opinion of foreigners,because ther are many other interecting things, sight seeings in Russia. They are. Lake Baikal, Sochi, the Kurils, the Urals, the Red Palace, beautiful chuches, and so on. We have a very rich culture. But they know about it little.

  12. I don't consider this statement true. There are lots of other sighseengs despite of banya, matryoshka, valenky, samovar, and etc. One can't forget about Russian culture abd Russian outs anding people, which we are prod of. One mustn't forget about Russian traditions and customs.