воскресенье, 27 мая 2012 г.

How Do We Treat the Earth?

    Preparing for a meeting with you, I cannot  keep silent about the issue of ecology. We live in the  XXIst century. What have we come to the new third millennium with?   Developed civilization, industry, education, health care,  progress in biotechnologies and nuclear physics, etc., and  at the same time the polluted air, huge territories of the burned forests, a lack of drinking water, the dirty reservoirs, the devastated lands ... 
It is no secret for anybody  There is obvious threat of disappearance not only mankind, but also all live on the Earth. Is there  a connection between the rise in living standards and the threat of environmental catastrophe? To deal with it, I offer the new project which I called so «How do we treat Earth?» The environmental problem in itself is very serious and to know it to us it is necessary. For a start be registered in the Document «Table of Achivements», bringing in the table the following data:the surname and name, login. Further familiarize with instructions  to execute the tasks.

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